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Beach Class Wave

Tamandaré, PE, Brasil

From R$ 471.251

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32 to 63m²

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Tamandaré, PE, Brasil


Located on the edge of Praia dos Carneiros, one of Brazil's most stunning coastal destinations, we present a notable development, Wave. Praia dos Carneiros is situated in the municipality of Tamandaré and is close to Recife and Porto de Galinhas. It is widely recognized as one of the jewels of the Brazilian Northeast.

The Wave Residential offers a lifestyle harmoniously integrated with the beach, featuring tropical landscaping, swimming pools, and community spaces that provide a complete experience of communion with nature.

This development stands out for its resort structure, with a variety of apartment options, an extensive leisure area, a preserved green area, and 24-hour security.


- 32 m² Studios

- 63 m² 2-bedroom apartments All apartments have a gourmet balcony, and there are options for apartments with private gardens.

Leisure Area and Amenities:

The leisure area offers a complex of pools for adults and children, a beachfront area, and a SPA, in addition to a sports court complex, gym, pool bar, restaurant with terrace, kids' space, and a boulevard for beach access, among others.

For convenience, the development provides an area for minimarket operation, a space for e-commerce order reception, larger rotating parking spaces, and an intelligent and sustainable internal system.

Additional Information: The development's land area is 45,223.96 m² and includes 536 residential units, distributed in 8 blocks with ground floor plus three types of floors. In total, there are 64 units of two-bedroom apartments (63m²) and 512 rotating parking spaces.


Prices range from R$ 412,177.00 to R$ 1,054,302.00, subject to updates.

Delivery Date: December 2025 (subject to confirmation).

Note: This is a great investment opportunity as there is high appreciation during the phases of the construction.


Thank you, we will contact you shortly!


Tamandaré, PE, Brasil

Carneiros Beach: a true gem of Brazil's northeastern coast.

Carneiros Beach is a genuine paradise located on the northeastern coast, in the picturesque municipality of Tamandaré, in the state of Pernambuco, very close to the capital city of Recife.

Living a peaceful life, with shade and cool water, is a dream come true on the white sands of Carneiros Beach. Coconut trees frame the beach, while a calm, green, and warm sea is an irresistible invitation to leave behind the daily stress and relax.

Who doesn't recognize the famous postcard image of a beautiful little church by the seaside, surrounded by coconut trees on all sides? The Chapel of São Benedito, founded in the 18th century, is a true tourist landmark that exudes a touching serenity, enveloped in the tranquility of the sea and the shade of the coconut trees.

However, Carneiros Beach goes beyond its beautiful natural landscape. It also represents an important part of the culture and history of northeastern Brazil, evident in the hospitality of its village, the delicious northeastern cuisine, and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, providing a unique sensory experience that deeply touches the hearts and souls of those who visit.

Here, life slows down, and the days are filled with authentic flavors and experiences.

For sea lovers, the raft rides at Carneiros Beach are an unmissable experience. Embarking on these traditional boats to explore the natural pools formed during low tide is like stepping into a living painting. Here, you can dive, observe vibrant marine life, and enjoy tranquility in an unparalleled beauty.

Carneiros Beach is also close to other equally paradisiacal destinations such as Porto de Galinhas, famous for its stunning beaches and natural pools, as well as São Miguel dos Milagres and Maragogi beaches in the state of Alagoas, which are true natural sanctuaries known to tourists from around the world.

Carneiros Beach is located 90 km from the Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre International Airport in Recife. This airport serves domestic and international flights, providing easy access to this location. The connection to Carneiros Beach is made through the PE-60 Highway, considered safe and well-equipped.

Living or investing in the Carneiros Beach region offers numerous advantages. In addition to being able to daily enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of this enchanting place, the region also has great tourist appeal, which provides an excellent investment opportunity. The demand for seasonal rentals is high, which can bring attractive financial returns to those who choose to invest in properties in the area.

Carneiros Beach is truly a privileged destination that combines natural beauty, historical aspects, enchanting tourist spots, and proximity to other paradise beaches.

Its strategic location in relation to the Recife International Airport, as well as its proximity to Porto de Galinhas and other stunning beaches, makes this region a desirable place to live and invest.

The opportunity to daily enjoy this breathtaking scenery and still obtain attractive financial returns makes Carneiros Beach a wise choice for those seeking quality of life and promising investments.

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