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Beautiful Luxury Home In Ilhabela/Sp

Ilhabela, SP, Brasil

R$ 4.800.000

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Ilhabela, SP - Brasil


Luxury house on a calm beach - Ilhabela - Praia da Fome

Mansion of 292 m2, fully furnished facing one of the most paradisiacal beaches of Ilhabela - Praia da Fome.


This beautiful house has 05 suites, mezzanine, 03 rooms, all integrated with direct access to the terrace, equipped American kitchen, 06 bathrooms, toilet, laundry, gourmet space, barbecue, rest area, large terrace, and an incredible deck suspended over the sea.

The house is built on a plot of 2,175 m2, with more than 350 m2 of built area, with access only by boat or helicopter, offering total privacy and the privilege of having one of the most deserted and preserved beaches on the north coast of São Paulo as the backyard of your own home.

The property has tap water in all taps and showers, two generators and a reliable staff, among them, a chef specializing in local and French cuisine.


From São Paulo airport (GRU Airport), it takes about 3 hours by car to Caraguatatuba or 4 hours to Ilhabela. Paria da Fome is a 25-minute boat ride to Ilhabela Marina or Caraguatatuba.

Helicopter access possible.

Boat already included in the price of the property.

Note: In Brazil, part of the islands and coastal houses with direct access to the sea are owned by the Federal Government. Therefore, what is for sale is the right to own this property. This property is fully regularized before the Union and the city hall. In practice, except in the event of war or national crisis, home ownership poses no risk. Restrictions on sales to foreigners must be observed.


Thank you, we will contact you shortly!


Ilhabela, SP, Brasil

Ilhabela - São Paulo -Brazil

Ilhabela is officially a marine archipelago municipality and is part of the micro-region of São Sebastião, on the North Coast of the state of São Paulo. The main island has more than 340 km² of area, where only a small part has infrastructure, the rest, which corresponds to about 80% of the archipelago, is part of the Ilhabela State Park, a protected region, where beautiful beaches are found. preserved and deserted.

With the charm of a small town, but an infrastructure that is the envy of neighboring coastal towns, Ilhabela offers cozy hotels, good restaurants, and a rich cultural agenda with events that attract thousands of tourists.

The beaches of Ilhabela are the big stars of the island. There are dozens of them, from urban beaches to extremely preserved beaches surrounded by the intense green of the Atlantic Forest, with trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls, waterfalls and natural pools.

Ilhabela is famous for its beaches and natural beauties, but in addition, it carries the title of Sailing Capital for having adequate conditions for the practice of this sport throughout the year. The title of Capital of Sailing has been recognized inside and outside the country since 2011, when it officially became the National Capital of Sailing.

The location of Ilhabela is also very good. It is approximately 200 km from the city of São Paulo, 170 km from Paraty and 450 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The main route for those who want to visit Ilhabela is the ferry that departs from São Sebastião, on the coast of São Paulo, which serves as the only means of public transport between the mainland and the island. The ferry crossing to Ilhabela can be done by pedestrian and by car.

There are no airports in Ilhabela, so the way to the ferry must be by land. For those arriving from other states, the best airports to reach Ilhabela are: São José dos Campos/SP Airport, 113 km away; Guarulhos Airport (GRU), 187 km away.

The climate in Ilhabela is mild and pleasant all year round, around 23 degrees, without high temperatures.

It is a perfect place for you to establish your second home or even change your lifestyle permanently!

Praia da Fome is considered one of the most beautiful and preserved beaches on the north coast of São Paulo. It is located in the extreme north of Ilhabela and is accessed mainly by boat.

This is an exclusive paradise, just for you!

To learn more about real estate developments in Ilhabela, get in touch with our team in Brazil and France.

We can help you make a satisfactory and safe purchase!

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