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Eden West - São Paulo

Brooklin, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

From R$ 1.391.286

Área total.jpg

94 and 134m²

Vagas de garagem.jpeg

2 or 3

2 or 3

Suíte 2.jpg

2 to 3

2 to 3

Brooklin, São Paulo - SP


Welcome to the city of the future

A park, a heart that beats the principle of life.

Innovation inspired by nature

A magical place inspired by nature's innovation, where everything is bioprojected around a heart that pulsates the principle of life. Not the one we know, but the one we want.

Park designed by Dror

Designed by one of the most revolutionary minds in world architecture, Dror Benshetrit.

The city of the future

More than idealizing the surreal, they shaped it.

They dared to transform 6 blocks, with more than 40 thousand square meters, into a model of the city of the future.


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Brooklin, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brooklin is among the noblest neighborhoods in the south zone. Eden Park By Dror has a privileged location, 600m from Morumbi Shopping and Shopping Market Place. With easy access to Av Luis Carlos Berrini and Av. Santo Amaro. In addition to being less than 600m from the Brooklin Metro station. Living in Eden Park By Dror is having the privilege of being close to the green and being connected with the city.

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