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Infinitá Treehouse

Itajaí - SC, Brasil

From R$ 5.852.880

Área total.jpg

357.37 to 801m²

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2 to 3

4 to 5

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4 to 5

4 to 5

Itajaí - SC, Brasi


Molded by man, inspired by nature

The Treehouse concept was based on the connection between man and nature, which is the main key of Infinitá’s identity and construction, taking every natural element into regard. Treehouse, a suspended place, framed by the green. Once you are able to see the plenitude of the woods from your window, then you may say you have a house in a tree. Here, your home is surrounded by a lot of native trees, birds, Itajaí’s marina and the infinite sea. Whenever humans are connected with nature, they are connected with themselves.

Infinitá by Triptyque: worldwide awarded architecture firm in sustainable projects

Triptyque is a Franco-Brazilian international office, which has earned several awards around the world in the architectural field, mainly for its projects related to nature. The works of Triptyque have become a reference, including the Venice Biennale award, among many others. Now, the company signs its first project in Santa Catarina: the Infinitá Treehouse

Waking up at Infinità Treehouse is a unique experience. You will be able to open your eyes and enjoy the breathtaking views! The bed is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and lush greenery that extends in all directions. The sun's heat penetrates the suite, which makes the climate extremely cozy. This magnificent view gives the feeling of floating among the trees. The tones of nature are enhanced by the sound of birds singing, making this moment even more romantic and relaxing.

The thrill of living constantly connected with nature

Standard apartments and Luxury apartments

• 1 apartment per floor

• Apartments with private home club and 60m² balconies

with swimming pool

• Master suite facing the Atlantic Forest


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Itajaí - SC, Brasil

Privileged location

The location was handpicked to provide you with all the tranquility, security and status in one place!

Located in one of the noblest neighborhoods of Itajaí, the Infinitá Treehouse region brings together the most modern in the boat building market, and is also a paradise for all lovers of natural beauty and unparalleled quality of life.

The Infinitá Treehouse is your refuge framed by greenery.

For you to go further, Infinitá Treehouse combines an innovative idea with all the strength and beauty of nature.

In addition to having a structure that holds 355 boats, the Marina has a convenience store, a refueling point for electric cars, shops for buying boats, as well as a beautiful restaurant with delicious and refined dishes.

Imagine living close to this special place, in a central region of Itajaí, close to wonderful beaches?

At Infinitá Treehouse you can enjoy all of this!

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