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Naturê Eco Residência

Praia De Muro Alto - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca - PE, Brasil

From R$ 562.014

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30 to 148m²

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1 to 3

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Muro Alto - N. São do Ó, Ipojuca - PE, Brasil



Welcome to a magical world by the sea!

Unique real estate development, on the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, in an ecologically preserved place, where nature shines.

Without a doubt, this is your place in Paradise!

Complete leisure structure and amenities, such as Beach Beach Club, Water Complex, Gastronomic Village, Thematic Spaces for Children, Mini Gramado, Emporium Gourmet, more than 40 sports and wellness options, beach and hotel services, , chef available on apartments and more

It is a real entertainment complex for all ages.

Live this new lifestyle!


The development offers apartments of different models and sizes:

- 90 m2 apartments with 03 bedrooms, 01 of which is a suite, private pool and gourmet balcony.

- Apartment of 125 m2 Private garden, swimming pool and gourmet terrace, with 03 rooms, 01 suite;

- Studio with 30m2 with Gourmet balcony.

- Apartments measuring 80 m2 with 02 bedrooms, one suite and a gourmet balcony;

- Roofto Apartment with 105m2 with 03 bedrooms, 01 suite, private coverage with pool and gourmet balcony

- Penthouse facing the sea 148m2, with 03 bedrooms, 01 suite, penthouse and private pool facing the sea.


Incorporation at a closed price registered with the Real Estate Office of the city of Ipojuca-PE.

Estimated date for delivery of the work:

42 months from 09/15/2021


Muro Alto beach is about 60 km from Paria de Carneiros. They are beautiful beaches of paradisiacal and exuberant beauty. Due to the strict control and environmental restrictions imposed by the local government, there are few real estate developments available there.

Secure your place in this paradise!

To learn more about developments in Paria de Muro Alto Carneiros, get in touch with our team in Brazil or France.

We can guarantee all the necessary support for a satisfactory and safe purchase.

The purchase of properties under construction or in project is highly recommended as it is a safe option and, in most cases, much more advantageous than the acquisition of ready-made properties. The units are new, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services, in addition to having the construction company's guarantee, but attention is needed regarding the origin of the developer, the type of construction adopted and the legal regularization of the enterprise.

This real estate development complies with the Real Estate Development Law nº 4.591/64, with the legal security of the allocation assets, whereby all goods, assets and rights intended for the execution of the work, are separated from the developer's assets, offering greater security for buyers.


Thank you, we will contact you shortly!


Praia De Muro Alto - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca - PE, Brasil

Praia de Muro Alto - south coast of Pernambuco/BR

This beach takes its name from the large cliffs that form a wall of reefs for most of its 2.5 km length, making the beach a large natural pool.

Having a residence in Praia de Muro Alto is the same as having the ocean as a swimming pool in your garden.

Muro Alto beach is among the most paradisiacal beaches in Brazil due to a large expanse of crystalline, calm and warm waters up to the reefs, allowing swimming, recreation and low-impact water sports to be practiced in complete peace of mind. All the way to the reefs, the waters are truly calm and crystalline, even in the deepest parts!

The region has an extremely pleasant humid tropical climate all year round, with an average temperature of around 25°C.

Its location is also privileged. Located in the municipality of Ipojuca, 54 km from Recife, between the famous Porto de Galinhas beach and the Suape Port Center, the largest in the Northeast, Muro Alto beach has a perfect infrastructure for those who want to change their lives, have it as a second home or for rent, as this location is highly sought after by tourists from all over the world.

This paradise is close to countless paradisiacal beaches on the coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas, allowing access to a vast expanse of exuberant nature, to beautiful cities and villages. Places that will surely conquer you!

Investing in Condomínio Neturê Eco Residência you will have access to a unique and differentiated life in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil and the best, for an unimaginable price.

But this opportunity is for few. Due to the strict control and environmental restrictions imposed by the local government, there are very few real estate developments available there.

So, if you want to secure your place in this paradise, come quickly!

To learn more about developments in Paria de Muro Alto, get in touch with our team in Brazil or France.

We can guarantee all the support you need for a satisfying and safe purchase.

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