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Origem Fortim

Fortim, CE, Brasil

From R$ 1.996.612

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256,19 to 306,23 m²

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3 to 4

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3 to 4

3 to 4

Fortim, CE, Brasil


Nature and design with your feet in the sand

The Meeting of Nature, Design, and Sophistication in Brazil's Tropical Paradise!

Welcome to Fortim, a paradisiacal refuge located in the state of Ceará, one of the most enchanting states in northeastern Brazil.


Fortim is an authentic paradise with white sandy beaches, warm and crystalline waters. The meeting of the Jaguaribe River with the Atlantic Ocean creates a perfect atmosphere for the practice of water sports, especially kitesurfing, being considered the ideal destination for lovers of nature and adventure.


The captivating landscape and serene climate of Fortim have been attracting people from all parts of the world, in search of moments of tranquility and adventure.


Amid the stunning landscape of Fortim, Origem Fortim arises, designed by renowned French architect Greg Bousquet, who was inspired by the local essence to preserve as much as possible the nature and charm of the region.


Every detail has been meticulously planned to offer residents an immersive beach lifestyle experience. With a balanced combination of simplicity, elegance, and charm, the development provides a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere, allowing to fully enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Fortim.


The Origem Fortim development perfectly matches the lifestyle desired by those seeking a deeper connection with nature. With its commitment to sustainability, the development respects and preserves the natural beauty of the region.


Furthermore, Fortim is a welcoming community, where the local people receive visitors and new residents with open arms.


Here, you will be charmed by the authenticity and hospitality of the Brazilian Northeast, and delight in the rich local culture.


Come discover the charm of Fortim and fall in love with Origem Fortim, where nature and design come together to create an exceptional living experience.


Origem Fortim Project:


Origem Fortim is a house condominium that covers a total area of 50,000 m².


The project was conceived based on the Voronoi Diagram concept, giving residents the feeling of being in total contact with nature, even within their residences.


Comprising only 43 houses, the development offers a variety of size and layout options.


- The areas of the houses range from 256.19 m², 281.94 m², and 306.23 m², spread over spacious plots of 611 m² to 904 m².


The houses of Origem Fortim have 3 to 4 suites, with an integrated balcony and living room, in addition to a gourmet kitchen.


- Residents also enjoy a private pool and a spacious solarium.


There is the possibility of personalization according to each client's preferences, making each residence unique and exclusive.


Leisure and amenities:


In addition to the houses, the condominium offers a wide leisure area on a plot of 1,378 m².


The development offers a complete leisure area, including gym, spa/massage, sauna, shower or showers, female and PCD bathrooms, male locker room, lockers, gourmet area, little beach, adult and children's pool, spa/hot tub, pira, solarium, and services beach.


Prices: From R$ 2.798,674 to R$ 3.076,000.00 (price subject to update)


Delivery date: September 2024.


Architectural Project: Triptyque Architecture - Greg Bousquet


Note: Development with high appreciation perspective after delivery of the work. Great investment option.


Thank you, we will contact you shortly!


Fortim, CE, Brasil

Do you know Fortim in Ceará?

In Kite Surfing paradise, there you will find the best lifestyle, simplicity and sophistication!

Fortim is currently one of the most sought after destinations in the state of Ceará, Northeast region of Brazil, making it an ideal location for foreign buyers.

Still little explored, the small village of Fortim preserves the magic of local customs, with the charm of small communities in the Brazilian Northeast and a diverse landscape of exuberant, almost indescribable beauty.

In addition to stunning beaches inviting for diving and perfect for kitesurfing, there is no shortage of adventure and leisure options in Fortim.

Fortim has fantastic beaches such as Praia do Pontal de Maceió, busy and famous for its caves and crystalline waters; Praia das Agulhas, which is quieter and can be accessed by a beautiful walk from Praia do Pontal, with a breathtaking trail.

Praia do Farol has impressive reddish rock formations, and the meeting of the Jaguaribe River with the Atlantic Ocean is a breathtaking spectacle, known as the Ceará Caribbean, the place is also the busiest point for Kitesurfing.

Fortim's location is also simpler than other famous local beaches.

The Vila is just 135 km from Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará, from where international flights depart from several destinations, with access via a structured highway and with excellent traffic.

Fortim is also very close to the famous beaches of Litoral Leste and Canoa Quebrada.

To serve nature and sport lovers, the city has an excellent hotel network that preserves the local lifestyle, harmonizing elegance, simplicity and comfort with great sophistication and good taste.

Fortim has also been the scene of exclusive and highly disputed real estate developments, given the local restrictions that restrict predatory real estate expansion.

Several internationally renowned architects are developing real estate projects in Fortim, with exclusive projects aimed at maintaining the native climate, with full integration with nature.

The charming neighborhood of Pontal do Maceió annually hosts the Pontal Gastronomic Festival, which brings together French and Ceará cuisine.

Fortim is an unmissable destination for foreign buyers looking for unforgettable places to relax, with several leisure and adventure options and total interaction with nature and local life.

Do you want to know about real estate developments in Fortim?

We can help you find the best options for a safe and advantageous purchase!

Note: With the acquisition of a property in the Northeast you can still have access to the Brazilian Visa, being able to remain in the country freely without worries!

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