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The Gamboa Hotel and Private Villas – Morro De São Paulo /Bahia

Morro de São Paulo - Gamboa, Cairu - Bahia, Brasil

From R$ 862.603

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Morro de São Paulo - Gamboa, Cairu - Bahia, Brasil


The Island of Dreams is in Bahia and is located in Morro de São Paulo!

Imagine having a little place of your own in the middle of a charming village located on an island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, part of one of the most attractive and cheerful states in the Brazilian Northeast?

This beautiful condo exists! It is located in Morro de São Paulo, in the municipality of Cairu in the State of Bahia, Northeast Brazil.

With unparalleled good taste, the "The Gamboa Private Villas" complex is immersed in virgin nature by the sea, in front of the beautiful Gamboa beach, offering every comfort and a resort infrastructure.

The Gamboa Villas Real Estate Development provides a universe of day and night attractions to its visitors, owners and residents, among them: beach club, hotel services, SPA, Transport, Real estate management, recreation and sports areas, gym, recreational spaces, bars, meeting centers, recreational activities and much more.

Harmonizing with the flora, fauna and the sea, "The Gamboa Private Villas" provides a unique atmosphere of tranquility, well-being, under a very special and cozy climate, uniquely its own, that you will discover right on the first date!

How about visiting "The Gamboa Private Villas” on your next vacation?

The venture has units available for sale and lease and is ready to welcome you!

In addition to providing a unique lifestyle for you and your family, acquiring Gamboa shares can also be a great investment option!

Get in touch with our team right now to learn more about this incredible real estate development.


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Morro de São Paulo - Gamboa, Cairu - Bahia, Brasil


Located in the Bahia archipelago of Tinharé, district of the city of Cairu, the village of Morro de São Paulo is a small and preserved destination, full of history, charm and tradition, which enchants everyone for its natural beauty and contagious climate.

The village is just 60 km from Salvador in Bahia, Northeast region of Brazil and access is only done by boat departing from the capital of Salvador.

Morro de São Paulo is a destination with incredible beaches. A perfect place for those who love to relax on paradisiacal sand strips, dive into a transparent sea, eat good fish moquecas, go snorkeling or, even better, do nothing and rest!

But it's not just peace and tranquility that this small village survives! Morro de São Paulo attracts both travelers who want a day of rest and lovely bohemians, as the night in Morro is very busy and there is no shortage of bars and parties to spice up the Bahian atmosphere of this cozy village.

Be prepared to take your walks on foot, as the city does not allow motor vehicle traffic. Despite all the infrastructure, the village is still trapped by the preservation of natural riches, with very few cars authorized to travel around the Island.

To learn more about real estate developments in Morro de São Paulo, contact our team in Brazil or France.

We are in a position to offer you all the necessary support to make a safe and promising purchase.

Note: The acquisition of real estate on islands and archipelagos deserves attention and specialized legal support. We can help you acquire the dream property without future setbacks.

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