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Vila dos Carneiros

Praia dos Carneiros - Tamandaré, PE, Brasil

From R$ 545.536

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25 to 87m²

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2 to 3

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Praia dos Carneiros - Tamandaré, PE, Brasil


Only a new path can lead us to a new place.

Welcome to a new age!

Have you ever imagined spending part of your life in a paradisiacal place with white sand beaches, turquoise blue sea with calm waters, surrounded by coconut trees on all sides?

This place exists and it's called Praia dos Carneiros! Located in the municipality of Tamandaré in the State of Pernambuco, Northeast region of Brazil, this beach, despite being well known by tourists from all over the world, is still preserved by the local public and environmental authorities, making the real estate developments in the region, true rare jewels and exclusive!

The Vila Carneiros - Costa Azul development is one of these gems. It is a unique residential complex, by the sea, which offers all the well-being and lifestyle of those who live on the beach, with a lot of comfort and sophistication.

The venture has complete infrastructure, wonderful play areas for children, a fully equipped gym, incredible restaurants, where you can enjoy the delights of Northeastern cuisine and a very special local climate, state-of-the-art services and amenities!

Vila Carneiros-Costa Azul offers a variety of units, ranging from beautiful Studios to luxury apartments.


-Studios from 24.89 to 43.22m2 with balcony and a parking space.

-Apt with 02 rooms from 46.12 to 72m2; 01 a suite and balcony.

- Rooftop Studio of 56.71 m2, with 01 suite, balcony and 01 parking space.

-Rooftop apartment with 03 rooms with 87.23 m2, 01 suite, balcony and parking space.

Leisure Area, services and amenities:

Resort services, convenience areas, kids space, games and games room, gym, 02 Beach Lounges, swimming pools and 02 drink lounges, beach service, reception with 24-hour concierge, property management services for renting your unit.

Legal Condition:

Incorporation at a fixed price with incorporation memorandum registered with the Registry Office of Tamandaré/PE, with a defined delivery period.

Expected time for completion of works:



Thank you, we will contact you shortly!


Praia dos Carneiros - Tamandaré, PE, Brasil


Vila dos Carneiros - Costa Azul is located on the famous Praia dos Carneiros in the municipality of Tamandaré in the state of Pernambuco, in the Northeast region of Brazil, just 90 km from the capital Recife. The beach is easily accessible by land, with roads in excellent condition from Recife to Maceió.

But speaking of Carneiros: who does not know the famous postcard with the image of a beautiful little church by the sea, surrounded by coconut trees on all sides? It is easy to understand the reasons that make Carneiros one of the most special places in the world.

Leading a peaceful life, with shade and fresh water, is a dream come true on the white sands of Praia dos Carneiros. Coconut trees frame the beach, while a sea of calm, greenish, warm waters is an irresistible invitation to unload everyday stress and relax. Stalls standing on the sand with snacks and cold drinks, in addition to a small church from the 18th century, facing the sea, complete the scenario.

But it's not just the natural beauties that enchant Praia de Carneiros. We are talking about a really cozy place, with a pleasant climate, with bars and restaurants known for the famous Northeastern cuisine and a captivating energy that fills our hearts with magic and well-being.

This paradise is close to the famous Porto de Galinhas beach and many other paradisiacal beaches on the coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas, such as São Miguel dos Milagres, Prais do Patacho and the beautiful Maragogi, allowing access to a vast expanse of exuberant nature, to beautiful cities and villages. Places that will surely conquer you!

Investing in Condomínio Vila dos Carneiros, you will have access to a unique and differentiated life in one of the most beautiful places in the world and the best, for an unimaginable price.

But this opportunity is for few. Due to the strict control and environmental restrictions imposed by the local government, there are very few real estate developments available there.

So, if you want to guarantee your place in this paradise, come quickly!

To learn more about developments in Paria dos Carneiros, get in touch with our team in Brazil or France.

We can guarantee all the support you need for a satisfying and safe purchase.

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